Urad Dal
Urad Dal

Organic Black Gram Split With Skin (Urad Dal) - 500 gm

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Urad also commonly known as Black Gram originated in India, where it has been in cultivation from ancient times and it is one of the highly prized pulses of India. As the name suggests whole black gram is black in colour and split dehulled are white in colour. These tiny split white grains are also known as Urad dal in India. Often called white gram, these creamy white lentils are used in purees and soups. They are also the special ingredient added to flours to make bread, dosa (crepes), idlis (steamed cakes) and sweets. No soaking is required. Black gram is known to have soothing and cooling properties.

Culinary uses:

  • White urad beans are generally prepared from dried beans by boiling until they are soft. They are then cooked as any other dal is cooked with onion, ginger, garlic and spices.
  •  White urad dal can be ground into flour or paste, and extensively used in culinary preparation like dosa, idli, vada, and papad.
  • It is very popular in North Indian cuisine and in Pakistani Cuisine where it is known as "Sabit Maash" and "minumulu”.
  • Urad dal is used on a daily basis in South Indian Cuisines to make batters for idlis and dosas it provides a binding stuff to rice & it also gives crispiness. It is an important ingredient in tempering for most South Indian dishes.
  • People do prepare "Vadas" out of it by soaking the dal in water for 8 hours and then grinding it to a paste and then deep fry making the Vadas and serves best with Curd. Sambhar Vadas are prepared out of the urad dal and consumed in the South Indian cuisines.
  •   Extremely nutritious and very easy to prepare, you need just onion, tomatoes and fresh veggies.

Health Benefits:

  • White urad like other lentils and pulses are a good source of protein and dietary fiber.
  • They are low in fat and rich in B complex vitamins, calcium and potassium
  • It provides many of the nutrients your body needs, such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates. These foods serve as the best plant source of protein.
  • This legume contains building blocks of protein necessary for good health.
  • The iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins in these foods help meet vitamin and mineral requirements. An ointment made from black gram is useful as an external application in rheumatism, contracted knee and stiff shoulder.