Organic Cinnamon
Organic Cinnamon

Organic Cinnamon Powder - 50 gm

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The warm-sweet taste of these fragrant quills has been delighting our senses for centuries. While we have always been a fan of its flavour and aroma, you will be thrilled to know about cinnamon cures. This humble spice can settle your stomach, boost metabolism and is a memory keeper. 

 "An aroma as comforting as that of cinnamon."

A pinch of cinnamon can make your desserts shine.  Bake with it, not just rolls but even bread, muffins, tea cakes and anything your heart fancies. 

It lends a certain depth to meat. Long, slow cooking pulls together all the rich flavours. Spice up your curries with cinnamon, it makes them earthy and pleasant.